Online Job Interview Coaching

Job interview coaching is held online via a professional video conferencing platform: Webex. This allows you to avoid wasting time travelling, provides for greater flexibility in the session times available, permits realistic real-time rehearsals and feedback for 'phone and video interviews as well as face-to-face ones, and gives you access to Rachel's leading job interview expertise no matter where you are in Australia: Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide or anywhere in-between.

Rachel Green as extensive experience in preparing people for high-level professional interviews, including at executive level, and in academia, health, government, and education. She has successfully conducted job interview coaching for over 17 years. To contact Rachel, please click here

Online EQ Coaching

If you want to advance your personal development so you can be better at managing people, engaging people, interacting in pressured situations or in managing your own or others' emotions, Rachel can help to enable this with her practical emotional intelligence (EQ) and communication coaching. She works at the interface of communication, emotions and personality types so that clients have the opportunity to increase their options in handling complex and challenging interactions and can gain insights into people's personality types and differences to facilitate more productive and satisfying relationships. Coaching is held online via a professional video conferencing platform: Webex. To contact Rachel, please click here